Using Ankle and Alcohol Monitors

The ankle monitoring service provided by AA Professional Bail Bonding is to help the courts track persons out on bail or released by the courts for varying reasons. Each person being monitored will have different degrees of access to their area.

Using an Ankle Monitor

Most must stay in their homes, or can only go to approved locations like work or school.

Your AA Professional Bail Bonding ankle monitor will track your movements via GPS and will alert both the person being monitored and AA Professional Bail Bonding of any violations.

There is no device kept inside the house taking up space. All monitoring is done via GPS satellites to make the experience hassle free.

Monitoring Alcohol Levels

The ankle monitors can also track the level of alcohol in the person’s blood while the monitor is worn.

If the person’s BAC reaches a level higher than allowed by the court, AA Professional Bail Bonding will be notified.

A unit can also be placed in the person’s car, which requires the person to call in and repeat a complex sentence to prove sobriety and coherence.

Unlike other providers, AA Professional Bail Bonding is available every day of the week, 24 hours a day to answer any questions the person being monitored may have. You will never be left worrying if you have made a violation.