AA Professional Bail Bonding’s ankle monitoring systems are carefully monitored to make sure no person violates the terms of their release. If you are about to make, or have made a violation, you may hear:

  • Beeping sound to warn you are about to leave your allowed area
  • Warning
  • An AA Professional Bail Bondsman warning you or giving you instructions.

While violations such as allowed alcohol levels and areas are explicitly explained to each person wearing a unit, there are other violations as well. These include:

  • Cutting the strap
  • Tampering with the strap
  • Tampering with the device
  • Hitting or banging the device
  • Submerging the device (the device is waterproof, but will sound an alarm if kept under water too long)

Should you violate the terms of your monitoring agreement set by the courts, a bondsman will contact you immediately to give you instructions. Non-accidental violations, or direct violations of agreements, may result in arrest.