What to Expect

The device will not cause any interference with other electronics.

You can use the device to freely move about the court-designated area. It will not cause any interference or complications with other electronics such as cell phones, the Internet or home appliances.

It will talk to you.

You may receive notifications, warnings or even messages from an AA Professional Bail Bonding agent through the device. However, it is not a two-way radio so you cannot talk back into the device. If you have any questions or concerns you will need to call AA Professional Bail Bonding.

It can test you.

Some devices that are worn on the ankle test the person’s alcohol level and will alert AA Professional Bail Bonding to any consumption not allowed by the court. Other devices are placed in a car to test Blood Alcohol Levels before driving.

The units used by AA Professional Bail Bonding have been carefully selected to give you the best, most-hassle and cost effective experience.