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  • Bail Bondsmen in College Park, GA

    If a loved one has been arrested in College Park, GA, the friendly and efficient team at AA Professional Bail Bonding is here to help! We’re very familiar with the College Park court and jail system and are experienced in helping bring family members home quickly and with less stress. Read more about the process below and how you can get started.

    My loved one was just arrested in College Park, GA. What should I do first?</h2

    Even though it might feel like the last thing you want to do, the best thing to do is wait until your loved one, the defendant, is processed into the local jail and given charges. Until that point, the bail process cannot begin as bail requirements haven’t been set. Once you have your loved one’s charges and holding information, give us a call. We’ll explain exactly what you need to bring with you to our office and what information we’ll need to help get your loved one back home.

    How much is bail in College Park, GA?

    Bail varies drastically depending on the circumstances. Most bail amounts are set according to the following criteria:

    • Charges brought against the defendant (both number and seriousness of the crimes)
    • Past criminal history
    • Employment status
    • Employment history
    • Ties to family and community (this is to understand the level of flight risk)

    After the bail amount is set, then it’s time to pay. When bail is paid in College Park, GA, it’s essentially a in-good-faith promise to the courts that the defendant agrees to follow all court terms and proceedings if they are allowed to be released and return home.

    What is a bail bond and how can I get one in College Park, GA?

    A bail bond is similar to “posting bail” or paying the full bail amount, but bail bonds typically work better for those who aren’t able to pay the full amount. A bail bond usually requires around 10 percent of the full bail amount. You pay that amount to the bail bond company and essentially agree to responsibly ensure your loved one will follow all court proceedings and terms appropriately and in a timely manner (i.e. showing up to court on the appointed dates). Once you fill out and sign the necessary paperwork and pay the bail bond amount agreed upon, we’ll expedite the process of getting your loved one home.

    The amount of time it takes to get a defendant released from jail depends on a number of things, including:

    • How many people were arrested and are being held
    • How many cases are currently being processed in the court
    • Accuracy of the paperwork provided
    • Charges being brought against the defendant

    Because we know the College Park and entire Atlanta area court system well, we know the steps to take to help get your loved one home faster.

    Contact AA Professional Bail Bonding 24/7 in College Park, GA

    No matter when you need help, we’re open anytime! Just give us a call at 678-831-0470 now to get started. We serve Fulton County, Clayton County and other counties in metro Atlanta, Georgia.