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    No matter the circumstances behind an arrest, spending time in jail is never convenient. That’s why at AA Professional Bail Bonding, we’re determined to help you or your loved one out of jail and home as soon as we can. We know the Atlanta area courts and jails well from years of experience helping local residents get home quickly. We offer discreet, helpful, and 24/7 bail bonding services. To learn more about the bail bonding process, read below.

    Bail Bonding Anytime You Need It

    Whether you’re at work, at home, or asleep when a loved one is arrested, you need help as soon as you can get it. That’s why our team is available anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Give us a call as soon as your loved one is given charges and we’ll get to work. Once you’ve called us, anytime day or night, we’ll set up a time for you to come into our office and we’ll walk you through the paperwork.

    It’s my first time in this situation. What do I do?

    Just give us a call! We know that the entire situation can feel daunting and overwhelming. When you call our team, we’ll help answer any and all questions you have. All you need is the jail your loved one is being held and the charges being brought against them. We’ll draw up the paperwork, tell you anything we need you to bring to our office, and walk you through what everything means quickly and professionally. Once all the appropriate paperwork is signed and filled out, then we’ll contact the jail and courts for you to arrange your loved one’s release home.

    What is bail and what if I can’t pay it?

    When someone is arrested and given charges by the courts, they are also assigned something called bail. Bail is, put simply, restrictions imposed on someone charged to help ensure they’ll follow the court process. Depending on the charges accused of the defendant, the court will typically have a set of requirements that must be followed and a bail amount. This amount is determined using different criteria including:

    • Type of charges (misdemeanor vs. felony)
    • Previous criminal history
    • Ties to family and community
    • Current employment status
    • Employment history

    Once the bail amount is set, someone can post bail to the courts on behalf of the defendant. This is essentially telling the courts that you promise to ensure the defendant follows their court terms and process set in their bail requirements (i.e. showing up to court dates, paying fees, etc). Then, once bail is posted, the jail releases the defendant on good faith that they will proceed according to their requirements.

    If you aren’t able to pay the full bail amount (most people cannot outright), you can do something called bail bonding. This allows you to pay a percentage, typically around 10 percent, to a bail bonding company who works with the courts to get your loved one released from jail. This bail bond is again a promise to the court that the defendant and cosigner will agree to follow the requirements and terms set by the court.

    Contact AA Professional Bail Bonding Anytime for Professional, Quick Service in ATL

    Don’t spend your time worrying about what you’ll do to get your loved one out of jail. Just give us a call at 678-831-0470 anytime you need.