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  • How Long Does it Take to Get Someone Bailed Out in Georgia?

    How Long Does it Take to Get Someone Bailed Out in Georgia?

    Once an arrest is made, getting someone out of jail requires going through several steps. It’s important to understand the timeline and what’s needed at each phase.

    Booking and Initial Appearance

    After arrest, the defendant will be brought to the county jail for booking, where fingerprints and photos are taken. Within 48 hours, they’ll see a judge for an initial appearance. Here, bail may be set pending the charges. This phase typically takes 1-2 days.

    Contacting a Bondsman

    As soon as bail is set, contact GA Bail Bonding to discuss the case. We’re available 24/7 and can begin reviewing documents and assessing collateral right away. Most consultations are handled same-day.

    Gathering Paperwork

    Have IDs, proof of residency, income verification like pay stubs ready to provide to the bondsman. Collateral like property deeds may also be required. This paperwork phase usually takes a few hours to one business day.

    Filling Out Applications

    Once files are received, the application process begins. This may involve additional disclosures and bonding contracts. Most applications are completed within 4-6 hours.

    Paying the Bond Fee

    This non-refundable fee is typically 10% of the total bond amount. Payments can often be made the same day as filing the application.

    Posting Bond with the Court

    We’ll file the necessary forms with the court to post the bond immediately after application and payment. It usually takes 2-4 hours for processing.

    Release from Custody

    As long as there are no holds or other issues, defendants are released within 6-12 hours of the bond being posted with the court.

    With GA Bail Bonding’s Expertise

    By choosing GA Bail Bonding to handle the bonding process, the average time to get someone out of jail in Georgia is 1-3 business days. Our experience and resources help streamline each step for the fastest possible release.

    Considerations like holidays or weekends may slightly increase timeframes. But contacting us right away will allow loved ones to spend less time waiting in jail as their case is resolved.