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  • Discrimination by Bonding Companies

    It is an unfortunate reality, but the bail bonds industry often suffers from the same biases seen in any other business. I think it’s especially prevalent in bonding because people are making judgement calls about someone’s trustworthiness with very little information to go on.

    Many times, I have had perfectly qualified co-signers tell me they were turned away or treated rudely by other bonding companies. They’re sometimes confused by this. I wish it were more of a mystery but often I suspect it has more to do with their accent, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc. than they’re financial qualifications.

    At AA Professional we expect our agents to look past these superficial labels when qualifying a bond. Discrimination will not be tolerated, not only because it is wrong but also because we would be missing out on perfectly good business. Having an accent does not make someone more likely to skip bail, neither does the color of one’s skin.

    Not only are our clients diverse but our staff is as well. So more often than not, the person handling your bond also knows the pain of discrimination. It is our promise to you, that when you use AA Professional Bail Bonds you will be judged only on the factors relevant to bail bonds and not on ugly prejudices.

    I hope other companies will change their ways. If they don’t, I say that’s their loss. Our door is always open.