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  • The Number One Rule of Bail Bonds

    TELL THE TRUTH. While we do want to know the circumstances surrounding the arrest, wether the person is guilty or innocent is not our concern when assessing flight risk. Often the information that people are hesitant to share, is the very information that would help them get a better deal (i.e. prior arrests).

    Your bail bonds agent has heard and seen it all. We have learned how to find out the truth and have many tools to do so. We have access to background checks and databases that help us verify all the information you give us.

    There are many potential consequences if you get caught in a lie. If it happens during the initial interview we may refuse to do the bond outright or significantly increase our price for the bond. If a lie is discovered after the bond is posted, we may revoke the bond and return the person to jail with out giving a refund. Providing false information is a violation of the bonding contract.

    We understand that it can be uncomfortable when a stranger asks you a bunch of personal questions, but rest assured our office is a judgement free zone and anything you tell us will remain confidential. So, if you want a good price and you want to make a good impression on your agent, be frank and forthcoming.