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  • Misconceptions About Bail Bonds and Bail Bond Companies in Georgia

    Misconception 1: Bail Bonds Are Too Expensive One of the most widespread misconceptions is that bail bonds are unaffordable for most people. While the cost of bail can be high, bail bond agencies typically charge only a percentage of the total bail amount, usually around 10-15%. For example, if the bail is set at $10,000, […]

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    What to Do if You’re Arrested in Atlanta, GA

    Being arrested isn’t on most people’s wish lists, so when it happens to you, you need efficient and professional help to get you home as soon as possible. That’s where AA Professional Bail Bonding comes in. Our professional and experienced team has worked with the Atlanta area court system and understands the fastest and most […]

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    How to Find the Best Bail Bondsman in Southeast Atlanta

    When someone you love is arrested and charged with a crime, the hours following can be stressful and busy — especially if it’s the first time you’ve ever been through that experience. The team at AA Professional Bail Bonding wants to relieve as much stress as we can during this high-pressure time with professional help […]

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